Tuesday, May 18, 2010


MyPoints.com while not being 'residual income' so I'm kind of cheating, is a great way to earn gift certificates online, with nearly no time or effort required from you.

How It Works

Once you sign up for mypoints.com I recommend in your inbox you create a sub- folder for your Mypoints emails to go to. 
Every few days when your checking your email, go to your sub-folder and click on the Mypoints emails. At the bottom of each one will have an orange icon and will say click here for 5 points. It will open an external website which you can immediately close. (I recommend this with tabbed browsing).
If you are so inclined, some of the emails you will receive are worth considerably more, but they are to take surveys. If you have the time, try one out, you may find them fun and worth it, you might not. I did them frequently at first but now I find my time is better spent elsewhere.

Before I know it, I have 1400 points in my account and I can choose from hundreds of gift certificates. My husband participates in this as well and our favorite gift certificate choices are Subway, and Borders.

Also - I DO (surprise surprise)  receive bonus points for anyone I sign up! They haven't provided me with a banner to add to my page, it is done through email, so send me an email at xtine0284@live.com and I'll have the referral sent to you!

So technically in that regard, it can actually be residual income. So - not cheating at all!

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