Friday, June 25, 2010

Total's to Date

I haven't posted in awhile because the earnings are so meager right now it's more exciting to update less frequently. I do have exciting news though., one of the sites I belong to and refer people to, I made money off of for the first time! Someone I referred went shopping to one of their favorite stores through and saved 20% on their purchase, and since I reffered them I made 20% of their 20%! Not taken out of their savings but paid directly from to me! Success! Patience pays off in the long run with residual income.

Keep shopping everyone, and remember to email me at with which site you want to sign up for and I'll send you referral link.

Earnings to date:

Ehow: 6.84
Adsense: 9.34
MrRebates: 5.07
Demand Studios: 22.50
Kontera: 0.02
Firehow: 2.22
Mypoints: I don't keep a running total here because I just get enough points to earn gift certificates of my choosing but I will say I wanted to subscribe to a magazine I had heard about so I logged into and from their search engine found the magazine at the same price I would have paid elsewhere, and bought it. I got 500 points for that! 1400 points is a $10 gift certificate and it was something I was going to buy anyways! Now if only I could remember to use when I buy pizza from Dominoes, thats 500 points each time as well; I would be in business then!  Everyone should belong to and if they do online shopping, and even better if you email me for a referral link!