Thursday, May 27, 2010

Front Page Me!

My article made the front page of today as a featured article AND as a top contributor. Get out your rakes, try to clean up the money. (... that makes sense kinda)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekly Update

I have decided to start a weekly update of where my earnings stand, I will just add my current week's earnings to that of the week before for a running total. This first one is going to include earnings up to this date since I have begun on each site.

Firehow: .77
Ehow: 5.64
Demand Studios: 22.50
Kontera: 0.00
MrRebates: 0.00
Xomba,WebAnswers, Blogs: 6.98
Amazon Affiliates: 0.00


 not too shabby considering that I can just lay back and let my earnings grow every month without doing any more work. Ah, pass me a drink darhling

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 while not being 'residual income' so I'm kind of cheating, is a great way to earn gift certificates online, with nearly no time or effort required from you.

How It Works

Once you sign up for I recommend in your inbox you create a sub- folder for your Mypoints emails to go to. 
Every few days when your checking your email, go to your sub-folder and click on the Mypoints emails. At the bottom of each one will have an orange icon and will say click here for 5 points. It will open an external website which you can immediately close. (I recommend this with tabbed browsing).
If you are so inclined, some of the emails you will receive are worth considerably more, but they are to take surveys. If you have the time, try one out, you may find them fun and worth it, you might not. I did them frequently at first but now I find my time is better spent elsewhere.

Before I know it, I have 1400 points in my account and I can choose from hundreds of gift certificates. My husband participates in this as well and our favorite gift certificate choices are Subway, and Borders.

Also - I DO (surprise surprise)  receive bonus points for anyone I sign up! They haven't provided me with a banner to add to my page, it is done through email, so send me an email at and I'll have the referral sent to you!

So technically in that regard, it can actually be residual income. So - not cheating at all!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Xomba continued

I am SO EXCITED about Xomba. I have decided to give myself a Xomba challenge. That is to write 100 Xomba bookmarks in 100 days.

I have 3 to date and they can be viewed at the links below. Note that if you click the links at the bottom of the bookmark and buy the item off of Amazon, I get paid for that as well. win win win!

Xomba Daria

Xomba Bree Tanner

Xomba Promoting this blog

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I think Xomba is going to be my new favorite writing site!!

You have two options when writing for Xomba.

You can post an article which is over 150 words and can contain images, video and links,


You can post a xombyte which is only 50 words minimum and can contain a link.

All you need to make money is a Google Ad sense account and the desire to write a little bit.

The theory with a xombyte is that you have an external blog or article you want to promote and you write a short 'byte' about it, and include a link.

Whaw! You have twice the publicity, xomba gives you 50% of your ad sense, so your getting paid there, PLUS your getting paid of course from the redirect to your blog or article.

The only question left is why WOULDN'T you sign up?

If I refer you, I get a little icing on the cake, so if you like what I'm doing here, send me an email at and I will send you the referral. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only way for me to get the referral bonus. (There isn't a place for you to enter it when you sign up.)

Amazon Associates for Bloggers

If you have a blog, you can sign up for a free Amazon Associates account. Much like Ad Sense, it will put links to Amazon's site on your page. (You can chose what to advertise or just let it pick the Amazon's best sellers). When someone from your blog buys whatever is advertised -- notice they have to click that item from your blog, not go to Amazon directly and buy it--- then you get paid a percentage of what is sold. The more items you help sell, the better percentage you receive.

This seems like a great way to earn a little bit of residual income, and when I help make my first 'sale' I will let you know.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 is great in two ways financially.

First is that, if you are going to do online shopping at your favorite store, simply log into their site first and from there navigate to your store and save a percentage off of what you buy. Mr Rebates tells you before you shop, what percentage you'll save at that store. At the end of the month, whatever you have saved, is mailed to your house in the form of a check.

The second great reason is that, if you refer friends and family to sign up, you also receive a percentage off of what they spend, and save on!

The only downfall's I can see here are, 1. Remembering to log into before you buy online, and 2. The person you are referring actually has to put your email address in there when they join as a referral.

*Hint Hint* Click the link below to sign up today.

My email address is

Mr. Rebates

I have always been an avid 'Yahoo Answers' fan, and was looking for somewhere to go where I could answer questions and get paid. Well its here!

You first need to sign up for a free Google Ad sense publishers ID.

Then complete the easy registration at and include your publishers ID as part of your registration.

Now, go find questions you'd like to answer! It's that easy.

If your answer gets chosen as the best answer, you will receive all of that ad sense for that page's clicks. Again, this may not seem like much, but the more people search for that same answer online, and click on yours, the higher in the search engine it will rank, and therefore earn more clicks!

You could be getting paid two years from now, on a question you took five minutes to answer. Over time, it will build up.

Don't get discouraged if your answers do not get chosen as the best answer, your ad sense ID will still display periodically on other areas of the site and can earn you income that way as well. I haven't had any best answer's so far, so imagine my surprise when I signed into my ad sense account and found out I had been making money nearly every day since I joined and started answering questions!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Firehow is turning out to be a great place to write. A lot of ehow writers went there after the conversion, and well, we complain a lot but hey, it pays.

How works

Any ehow articles that have been deleted (since ehow is picky and likes to delete articles), I have taken to moving them over to firehow. On Firehow, the layout is simple, the website is not very complex (Yet) and you get paid per click. Straight up, easy peasy. They say its 4 clicks = 1 cent. However from watching my earnings I would say its 3.5 clicks = 1 cent. That doesn't sound like a huge difference since I am just starting out, but I will repeat, repeat, repeat - The more clicks you have -- ON ANY WEBSITE-- the higher Google will rank it. Guess what, the higher Google ranks it, the more likely it will be clicked on again.

Say you write an article on the time of day; at first you may be paid nothing and think it's a waste of time because if you search Google it is on the 10th page, but the more you promote (That's another blog post) it and the more clicks it gets, the more will be moved up in Google. After 6 months it may be on page 2. That is going to get a lot more clicks and a lot more income.

As I was saying, I heart firehow.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Demand Studio's

I joined Demand Studio's after Ehow got taken over by them. I'm not sure that's the right word. 'Demand Studio's is Ehow's new writing platform'. There, that's better.

With Demand Studio's which I will from now on refer to as 'DS', you have to apply. They require a resume and a writing sample. It doesn't have to be published work.


How I got around this was to take my everyday resume and add a section for Apr 2010 - Current, Ehow writer with over 30 published articles.... I got in!

On DS you have to search from available topics to choose from. With so many writers looking, the pickings are slim. Unless of course you know how to fix cars- specific problems on specific cars, then your going to clean up there.

First you are allowed to pick 3 topics at a time, and they are assigned a due date. Then you write your article in their very specific format based on what type of article it is. (How to, travel tips, short answers etc). Then you submit it to be edited. It gets edited by another user who's job is not a writer but an editor, and they will either approve it or send it back with re-write suggestions. That is your last chance. I chose two articles, one paying 15.00 and one paying 7.50. Considering how little I had studied the format's I was not suprised to have them sent back for rewrites. That was a nerve wracking few days, because the editor might be going out of town for the weekend, you have no guarantee it will be done the same day. My editor was friendly and helpful enough and after my rewrites they were approved! DS pays you through paypal twice a week so I got my money quick!

After your first three articles are approved, the number you are allowed to take at once increases. As your get more clout, you can also qualify to write for more places. Their writers write for, and more.

Considering how much time was involved with finding an article I knew something about, understanding the format requested, and waiting anxiously for approval, I chose to put DS on the back burner for now. This was also not residual income, but since this is the direction EHow took, I decided to try it out.

I will note that 15.00 sounds great but there are people on EHow with many articles that have reached over 100.00! This is of course in time, and watching your money grow, but still. When I am lounging in a beach chair in the Caribbean it will be nice knowing my writing is still making me money.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How it all begin - Ehow

I stumbled across in April and became instantly addicted. The concept was write articles with step by step instructions and the only catch is the title has to begin with 'how to'. The articles were not reviewed by an editor so it was a great place for me to learn what was popular and got a lot of 'hits' and what wasn't.

I say WAS because tragically, shortly after I joined, Ehow stopped allowing users to create more articles.

My articles I already wrote are safe and will continue to earn me money every month. Forever, or until they don't. I'm OK with that.

Here is a link to my articles.
Ehow Articles