Saturday, May 8, 2010

Firehow is turning out to be a great place to write. A lot of ehow writers went there after the conversion, and well, we complain a lot but hey, it pays.

How works

Any ehow articles that have been deleted (since ehow is picky and likes to delete articles), I have taken to moving them over to firehow. On Firehow, the layout is simple, the website is not very complex (Yet) and you get paid per click. Straight up, easy peasy. They say its 4 clicks = 1 cent. However from watching my earnings I would say its 3.5 clicks = 1 cent. That doesn't sound like a huge difference since I am just starting out, but I will repeat, repeat, repeat - The more clicks you have -- ON ANY WEBSITE-- the higher Google will rank it. Guess what, the higher Google ranks it, the more likely it will be clicked on again.

Say you write an article on the time of day; at first you may be paid nothing and think it's a waste of time because if you search Google it is on the 10th page, but the more you promote (That's another blog post) it and the more clicks it gets, the more will be moved up in Google. After 6 months it may be on page 2. That is going to get a lot more clicks and a lot more income.

As I was saying, I heart firehow.

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