Friday, May 7, 2010

Demand Studio's

I joined Demand Studio's after Ehow got taken over by them. I'm not sure that's the right word. 'Demand Studio's is Ehow's new writing platform'. There, that's better.

With Demand Studio's which I will from now on refer to as 'DS', you have to apply. They require a resume and a writing sample. It doesn't have to be published work.


How I got around this was to take my everyday resume and add a section for Apr 2010 - Current, Ehow writer with over 30 published articles.... I got in!

On DS you have to search from available topics to choose from. With so many writers looking, the pickings are slim. Unless of course you know how to fix cars- specific problems on specific cars, then your going to clean up there.

First you are allowed to pick 3 topics at a time, and they are assigned a due date. Then you write your article in their very specific format based on what type of article it is. (How to, travel tips, short answers etc). Then you submit it to be edited. It gets edited by another user who's job is not a writer but an editor, and they will either approve it or send it back with re-write suggestions. That is your last chance. I chose two articles, one paying 15.00 and one paying 7.50. Considering how little I had studied the format's I was not suprised to have them sent back for rewrites. That was a nerve wracking few days, because the editor might be going out of town for the weekend, you have no guarantee it will be done the same day. My editor was friendly and helpful enough and after my rewrites they were approved! DS pays you through paypal twice a week so I got my money quick!

After your first three articles are approved, the number you are allowed to take at once increases. As your get more clout, you can also qualify to write for more places. Their writers write for, and more.

Considering how much time was involved with finding an article I knew something about, understanding the format requested, and waiting anxiously for approval, I chose to put DS on the back burner for now. This was also not residual income, but since this is the direction EHow took, I decided to try it out.

I will note that 15.00 sounds great but there are people on EHow with many articles that have reached over 100.00! This is of course in time, and watching your money grow, but still. When I am lounging in a beach chair in the Caribbean it will be nice knowing my writing is still making me money.

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