Tuesday, May 11, 2010


MrRebates.com is great in two ways financially.

First is that, if you are going to do online shopping at your favorite store, simply log into their site first and from there navigate to your store and save a percentage off of what you buy. Mr Rebates tells you before you shop, what percentage you'll save at that store. At the end of the month, whatever you have saved, is mailed to your house in the form of a check.

The second great reason is that, if you refer friends and family to sign up, you also receive a percentage off of what they spend, and save on!

The only downfall's I can see here are, 1. Remembering to log into MRRebates.com before you buy online, and 2. The person you are referring actually has to put your email address in there when they join as a referral.

*Hint Hint* Click the link below to sign up today.

My email address is xtine0284@live.com

Mr. Rebates

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